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(The funny picture above is an Edit that I have made about Ninjas (I put ‘Fake’ on the bottom left). This is because Ninjas were real in Penguin Chat 3. There are NO Ninjas in CP yet.)

Penguin Chat and CP Beta Party

By Watex

Before Club Penguin, there was something called Penguin Chat 3. You used to be able to play it on (Yes, that’s what rsnail stands for), but as of now, they have closed down the site so everyone visits instead. Penguin Chat 3 was very fun, to tell you the truth.

Back then, the whole thing was free and there were things on it that the Club Penguin Team never put back onto Club Penguin. I had a few accounts on it.

It was actually very similar to Club Penguin, except there was only one place you could go to, the Town. There wasn’t a Cove, Snow Forts, Dojo, or your own home or anything else, but the Town (which included the Gift Shop, Night Club and Coffee Shop). In fact, the Town looked very similar to how it looks now, but there was more chairs and tables outside the Coffee Shop, and a few other small details. It also snowed in the Town!

And there were no coins or way of earning coins. And if you tried to walk to the left of the town, you’d go to an area of nothing but snow (and a few construction decorations), if you went to the left of that, you’d up in another bigger area of snow with a pretty, blue sky. In this specific area, you might see a bunch of penguins in snowcats (look it up in dictionary) driving around. Then if you went left again, there would be a bunch of penguins just walking around with hard hats on that are probably drilling the ground (with construction decorations and railings all over the place and a crane in the distance), and then if you went left again, you’d be back at the Town (so it was kinda a circle). And you could also end up in the Town again if you started off going right from the Town (and kept going).

There were also signs in some of the snowy rooms in Penguin Chat but I can’t remember what they said. I believe they were room names. There was also no map.

Now, the toolbar is a little hard to remember. In the toolbar, there was the chatbox, the snowball button, the actions button/dance button, a report button, the emotes button, a ‘Tell a Joke’ button, and the enter button. There was an arrow button that collapsed the chatbox to make the toolbar smaller. To change color, you would click a Color change button on the chatbar, and select a different color. And there was a Chat History and Report button on the upper left of the screen. Judging from the pics I’ve found, there’s also a Heart button and a Musical note button. These are actually two emotes that are still on CP so I believe they were just 2 other emotes you can do. And there seems to be a couple Help buttons on the right of the toolbar as well (probably for technical assistance, etc.)

The Night Club was incredibly similar. The major differences were that the Band played on the stage, rather than the DJ thing with the speakers (but there were Speakers there). And there was no green puffle dancing on the speakers, and there were no stairs leading to the upper floor (there wasn’t an upper floor). And you could get to the secret Boiler room by walking onto the wire of the lower righthand Speaker. The point of the game was just to throw snowballs, dance, and chat.

Talking about snowballs, in Penguin Chat, snowballs were a little bit different. No, they looked the exact same, but when you threw them at people, sometimes you would miss horribly sometimes. The radar that shows up when you push the Snowball button in Club Penguin was different in Club Penguin.

The Coffee shop was somewhat boring, there was no upper level, and you couldn’t play Bean Counter there. Back then, everyone used to pretend they were Coffee shop waiters. And there was a lot of kid-dating stuff going on there and in the town.

Now, have you ever heard someone ask ‘how do you become a ninja?’ Well, this is where the myth started from (By the way, you CAN’T become a ninja in Club Penguin yet, they were going to make them, but they made Secret Agents instead). When you opened up the Color select window, if you click the 2nd ‘n’ in ‘Select your new penguin’, a new Ninja “color” would pop out. (No lie, it also took me a long time to figure this out when I first started playing, no one would tell me, so I had to search it up in the comments of the site). Once you select the Ninja outfit as a color you’d have this cool black color, with a headband, belt, and sword on your back. Being a ninja was pretty cool, if you tried dancing as a ninja, you wouldn’t dance but you’d become transparent/almost see-through.

You could also be a Hard Hat worker. You had to click on the Hook of the Crane in the sky (the Crane was behind a fence in the back) in the snowfields that were right of the Town to get the Hard hat (you didn’t have a player card back then so you didn’t really get a Hard hat, you just wore one). And if you danced, you would be drilling the ground. And if you went into the middle snow fields, you’d be driving a snowcat. WOOT!

As for the Gift shop, if you tried walking into it, you’d be transported to a page in where you could buy merchandise like real life keychains and T-shirts (using real life money though).

And that’s just about all there was to Penguin Chat 3 (that used to be playable at that I can remember.

Now here’s the sad part. One day during the middle/start of Summer in 2005, the Rocket Snail team announced they were creating something called Club Penguin, which was basically a much better version of Penguin Chat. When I went to the site, all that was on its site was the logo and it said it was Under Construction. Then they closed Penguin Chat a few days later, so I had nothing to do but play the other minigames on Mancala, Ballistic Biscuit (which is Hydrohopper but with a human rather than a penguin, and different obstacles like frogs), and a few other games on (I believe you can still play some of them. Check the comments for links)

After waiting the over 2 months for Club Penguin to come out, I finally stopped checking the site everyday. And I eventually forgot about it for a little while. When I looked again in October/November, I had missed the grand opening, the Beta Tests, the Beta Tester Party (which the mods were there and they gave out Beta hats), and everything else by a VERY little bit of time. I still registered and played the game with a few accounts (which were probably deleted by now). The one I can remember had the name: Super Buu. And then I found out there was very little a nonmember could do.

Now let’s explain a little more about Club Penguin BETA testing. You could basically try out the new Club Penguin beforehand. Beta testers got one month of free Club Penguin membership, they got to keep their party hat from the very first Club Penguin party ever, and a certain amount of coins (I think 2,000).

Just a few more things before I let you go, no ninja myths are true (yet)! There’s one myth out there that says if you don’t move in the dojo for 30 minutes but stay logged on by talking and chatting, you’ll be a ninja. Don’t listen to those lies! Its just to waste your time! I knew it was a lie from the moment I heard it, and now I’ve tested it out just to prove it to you and nothing happened! (You can check it out yourself if you want to waste a half hour…)

And, last, you can check the Club Penguin Official Blog Archives for all old blog posts from Club Penguin ever since April 2005 here. This includes all the talk about the Beta Tests, the Party, etc:

The archives are at the bottom of the page.

And a little about me: I really came back to CP around late October, 2006. I had been going on CP on and off a few times every month, but not doing much until then. It had gotten a lot more interesting with lots of things for nonmembers: new pins, free items, lots of parties, lots of games, backgrounds, puffles, etc.) And that’s around when I created my penguin, Watex (I had yet again forgot my old penguins). And his first party was Christmas 2006, with the new pin(s), Santa Beard, and Santa Hat as the first free items. Unfortunately, it got banned forever on this site (a long time afterwards), even though it was such an old penguin, for having a Free Membership contest. Back then, they didn’t have Membership cards, so they thought I was lying or something. I recently checked the reason of it’s ban and it is now marked down as an “Inappropriate Language” ban. LOL! That’s probably because they can’t mark it for a “giving out free membership” reason. Yes, I’ve tried calling them, emailing, etc. And the main reason they give now is “the ban was such a long time ago” and “I don’t have the power to unban”. -.-

But it is OK because my other penguin, Fever, is still fairly well off and not banned. And I hope they don’t ban/delete it. I’ve been following the rules excessively.

So that’s my rather sad story of how I missed being a Beta by a few days/weeks and a touch of impatience.


~Watex ;)

Here are some pics that I found that are from Penguin Chat 3. (Click to enlarge)

penguinchat3.png (The pics of the Snowcat are all in the Room right of the Town. The highlighted wire is how to get to the boiler room. The picture on the left is the Color select and how to be a Ninja.)

penguinchat3.png (I believe moderators were snails back then.)

(Look! It snows! Pretty different toolbar, eh?)

(Pretty different, eh?)

(This is the middle room)

(Boiler Room. Different! But it was always pretty flooded. No such things as Full Room’s back then)

(This is the room right of the Town, I believe)

Finally, don’t be fooled by this: This is not the Penguin Chat I was speaking of. This came out a year ago, I believe. Its a FAKE. The real Penguin Chat was only accessible on I emailed CP and they said they didn’t keep PC3 or rocketsnail because they just wanted one way to play the game.

The Following are thanks to Wikipedia (It will not be updated to include recent events):

Parties & Rockhopper Arrivals

Throughout Club Penguin History, there have been numerous parties and Rockhopper Arrivals, each introducing numerous free items. Here is a list of them (this list is now outdated):


  • October 24, 2005 – Halloween Party/Beta Tester Party (Beta Tester Party Hat)
  • December 22, 2005 to December 25, 2005 – Christmas Party/New Year’s Party (Santa Hat, Christmas Scarf, Beta Tester Party Hat)


  • January 2006- Winter Luau (Red Hawaiian Lei)
  • February 2006 – Valentine’s Day Celebration (Red Sunglasses, Bowtie)
  • March 2006 – Pizza Party (Pizza Apron)
  • March 2006 – St. Patrick’s Day Party (St. Patrick’s Day Hat)
  • April 2006 – April Fool’s Day Party (Red Propeller Cap)
  • April 2006 – Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt (Pink Bunny Ears)
  • May 2006 – Mine Party (Mining Cap)
  • June 2006 – Summer Party/Beach Opening (Blue Hawaiian Lei, Water Wings, Inflatable Duck, and Whistle)
  • July 6, 2006 to July 14, 2006 – Western Party (Bandanna)

* August 4, 2006 to August 19/20, 2006 (extended by 6/7 days) – Sports Party (Red/Blue Face Paint, Skates)

  • September 22, 2006 – Lighthouse Opening (Red Sailor’s Cap, Lighthouse Shirt (from The Penguin Times)
  • October 13, 2006 to October 20, 2006 – Rockhopper Arrival #1 (Eye Patch)
  • October 24, 2006 – 1 Year Anniversary Party (Anniversary Party Hat)
  • October 27, 2006 – Halloween Party (Wizard’s Hat)
  • November 2006 – Lime Green Color Party (Members only, Lime Green Color, Green Cape)
  • December 8, 2006 to December 21, 2006 – Rockhopper Arrival #2 (Pirate Bandanna, Red Puffle)
  • December 22, 2006 to January 2, 2007 – Christmas & New Year’s Party (Santa Hat, Santa Beard)


  • January 19, 2007 to January 22, 2007 – Winter Fiesta (Maracas)
  • February 9, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #3 (Pirate Belt)
  • February 9, 2007 to February 19, 2007 – Festival of Snow (Snowflake T-Shirt, Ice Crown)
  • Prior to March 9, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #4 – Rockhopper returns Bambadee to the shores of Club Penguin but amazingly never gets noticed by other penguins.
  • March 9, 2007 to March 16, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #5 (Pirate Shoes, Sea Monster Background)
  • March 16, 2007 to March 20, 2007 – St. Patrick’s Day (St. Patrick’s Day Hat)
  • March 30, 2007 to April 2, 2007 – April Fool’s Day Party (Blue Propeller Cap & Novelty Glasses)
  • April 6, 2007 to April 9, 2007 – Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt (Blue Bunny Ears)
  • April 27, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #6 – (Puffle/Pirate Bandanna)
  • April 27, 2007 to May 2, 2007 – Pirate Party (Sailor Hats (found by following the treasure route in the Ship Hold))
  • May 18 to May 24, 2007 – Party for Forest (players had to follow a map to find it)
  • May 25 to May 29 – New Cove Party ( Members only, Whistle, Lifeguard Life ring)
  • June 8 to June 18 – Summer Party ( Blue Hawaiian Lei, Green Inflatable Duck, Ice Cream Apron, Green Sunglasses, Flower Headress)

June 22 to ? Rockhopper Arrival #7 (Red bandanna) – July 13 to 18, 2007 Water Party ( Umbrella Hat )(blue water wings)

Puffle History


  • October 24 – Club Penguin Opens, Puffles seen around but not officially introduced.
  • November – Puffles officially introduced to the game. Colours originally blue, pink, green and black.
  • November/December – Creature Naming Contest takes place. The winning name is “Puffle”, and the winner of the contest receives 5000 Coins and 3 days of free membership.
  • December – The term “Puffle” comes into use and is used for the first time.
  • December – All of the bugs taken out of Puffle Round-Up and it’s officially introduced to the game.


  • March 13, 2006 – The Pet Shop opens, allowing you to buy a Puffle. Members can buy all 4 breeds, and can purchase up to 8 puffles, while Non-Members can buy one Blue Puffle.
  • March – Although a feature from the start, the puffle’s Special Play ability is made well-known in an issue of the Club Penguin Times.
  • June – Purple Puffles started to mysteriously appear on Puffle Round-Up. During the 1st secret mission Aunt Arctic’s Lost Puffles, players had to find her 2 lost puffles, one green and one purple, officially introducing Purple Puffles to the game.
  • August – The Purple Puffle becomes available for purchase in the Pet Shop.
  • September – The ability to Walk Puffle is established.
  • October – Rockhopper talks about his pet and friend, Yarr in his journal, which is a red puffle, prior to introducing red puffles to Club Penguin.
  • November – The ability to Bathe Puffle is established.
  • November – Second secret mission, called “Gs Secret Mission”, reveals the origin of Puffle O’s in introducing the O Berry, which causes a Black Puffle to enact its Special Play.
  • Late 2006 – Penguins can’t see other penguin’s puffle’s names due to the fact that penguins were giving their puffles vulgar (bad) names.
  • December – Captain Rockhopper introduces the red Puffles to Club Penguin, although they are not able to be herded up in Puffle Round-Up like the other 5 breeds. Also, Members can now buy up to 12 puffles, and Non-Members can now buy up to two, including the Red Puffle.


  • March 23, 2007 – Puffle play extended.
  • May – Red puffles are able to surf with you in the new surfing game Cachin’ Waves.

Secret Missions and Book Room Library Additions


  • None. Secret Missions have not been created yet and the Book Room hasn’t yet turned into a library.


  • June – Aunt Arctic’s Lost Puffles able to be played by secret agents.
  • November – G’s Secret Mission able to be played by secret agents.
  • No Book Room library additions yet.


  • March 9, 2007 – Rockhopper’s papers get turned into a book, that becomes the first addition to the library in the book room called Rockhopper and the Stowaway. After reading this book, whilst clicking on the friendship bracelet, one is able to receive one of the friendship bracelets mentioned in his story (Friendship Bracelet).
  • March 3 – Frankie’s First Show, The Spice of Life, and Truth or Dare added to the library.
  • March 26 – Case of the Missing Coins mission released.
  • April 12 – Story Writing Contest closed.
  • April 26 – Winners of Story Writing Contest announced.
  • April 27 – New books to be added to Book Room – Penguin Tales (Spring ‘07): Pizza Parlour Panic (Orantango), Comoica’s Jetpack Adventure (Comoica), The Legend of the Gold Puffle (Icmer).
  • August 7 – Avalanche Rescue mission released.



  • Club Penguin Opens


  • December – A wider selection of igloo music is introduced.
  • December 2006 – A Christmas party happens during the Jolliest time of the year


  • Sometime in 2007 – Players are eligible to become tour guides
  • April 13, 2007 – Stage added to lighthouse.
  • April 27, 2007 – Ship Hold opened on the Migrator
  • May 30, 2007 – Cove open to public. Contains binoculars which work similarly to the telescope in the Beacon
  • Sometime in 2007 -The game catching waves gets 2 more levels
  • Sometime in 2007 – Water party begins and umbrealla hat,A free item gets relased
  • Sometime In June 2007 – A new item adds to the water party as it extends till next monday.Leaving a free items of blue water wings and umbrella hats.
  • Sometime in 2007 – A new igloo contest is relased with the fishbowl ilgoo because the igloo contest was my life in a fish bowl!
  • August 1, 2007 – Disney buys Club Penguin for a lot of money!
  • October 26th – Golden Puffle spotted at Forest and Mountain at every half hour (alternating)

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Ahh penguin chat it was odd yes?
well I did Some Uhh Research And it Seems You Can Still Play
It Somewhere you Thought They Deleted it But Research shows
it can be played somewhere But i Cant find a link

they still have It Somewhere

They Have The File
its Not Deleted

It hard To Access
But its Possible

I just Found A way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok first Go To then in the box there type and pick when you want to see it I found it WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Hey watex! I want to add you to my authors! You can be an admin! E-mail me @ and go to my site and leave a comment @ Your site rocks!

“if you don’t move in the dojo for 30 minutes but stay logged on by talking and chatting, you’ll be a ninja” lol a penguin from the new DS game said and tested it out
but he said nothing happens 😆

puffles are awesome! By the way I’m going to research PC3 and find it.

HEy what does the lighthouse shirt look like

fever, you know me from cp, i am your buddy. my name is secretmateo, you should check my igloo out, im usually on freezer. you should check it out

I know a way how you can get back on!

GO TO and search in the searchbox and you will choose which year you will go back to! Club penguin dosnt work on the Wayback Machine because you just go to your regular account but the news is old.


If you go to google and type in penguin chat it will work.

If you go to google and type in penguin chat it will work. ok

Drew is right. I tried by going to either the book room or dance lounge and if you talked to the penguin he would say “A penguin told me if I stay in here 30 minutes I’d become a ninja. Do you think thats true” The first time and on second time he says something like “I keep standing here but nothing happens”.

Poor Penguin. He doesn’t know

Im recreating Penguin Chat 3!
visit my site:

Actually after some testing….. The wayback machine dosnt actually work.. 😦 You cant get on im so sad… Sorry!!


Hey people! the waybackmachine didnt work. but the archive did work except penguin chat 3 will not work sorry but noone and nothing can ever bring back penguin chat3

Um.. sorry if you ARE the real watex, but I was wondering, how do we know that? Anyone could have copied his site. You have to PROOVE that your watex.

yeah good point…

u can be ninjas

Aww! The pics didnt load

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