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Great News!

Posted on: May 2, 2009

I saw that all of you were excited that I was considering to blog again. I’m surprised that all of you said yes! So, it’s a yes people.

Ok, so the latest news is this:

If you’ve signed up for the PSA or volunteered to become a tour guider, Billybob told us to keep looking at our Penguin Mail! Why? Everyone who is in the PSA and/or Tour Guide, you all will get 250 hard-earned coinson first in every month!

In other news: check out the new Penguin Style in the gift shop, and there was this “You Decide” program where you vote for a new background, you can buy that for your very own, 6 days later!

Oh yeah, if you are going to Disney World soon, Rockhopper is there! You can meet him in real life! He is currenly at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Ok, that’s all, I guess… ~w


Hey guys! I finally got the site back! Matt (the WordPress owner) finally gave me an archive of my old site. I hope my fans find this new site.

If you see my name Jeremjay25, it is my new WordPress account because Matt banned my Watex user… Oh well.

Jeremjay25 is my new account because my cousin gave this account to me. His name is Jeremy, by the way.

I also have some VERY bad news. It is very hard to believe, I know, but my CP account, Fever, got hacked. At this moment I do not know who hacked it. I will not jump to any conclusions at this moment. For now (maybe even permanently) I will use my CP account Jeremjay24 (My cousin Jeremy also gave this to me). I may be able to add you if I have room in my buddy list.

Update: I found the hacker of my Club Penguin account. Fever is here, being safe. You do not have to worry anymore.
The reason why I am not making a new Club Penguin or WordPress account is becasue my parents do not want me to make another one. They say that it is a high chance that it will get hacked again. So IF Jeremjay25 and Jeremjay24 get hacked, they told me that I will not have a website of Club Penguin, any WordPress blogs, or even play Club Penguin. They’re telling me that I’m too popular and too vulnerable to get hacked again. Sad story, I know.

Some of the files are not there because I’m now really lazy to copy and paste some of the text, and most of the pictures were corrupt.

The people who are curious for me getting suspended… I got suspended for telling people to download a toolbar that hacks PrizeRebel, the free membership site. 3 suspensions require a permanent suspension. I will not talk about PrizeRebel any more.

And one more thing… tell your friends about my new site! I’ll be posting very frequently! ~watex


Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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