The Official Watex Backup

Hey, watex here. I’m sorry for the whole week delay and hope you’ve been visiting my other site.

The reason why I was only posting there was because I only had five minutes in the resort because time was tight by brushing, eating, etc. and I had to only post on 1 site: (recently I started to post at But sometimes I use my small portable laptop at Disney World to post if time is way too tight. I’m in the inn, on the way to my home, New York.

But let’s start quickly.

There’s a new Igloo Catalog, located in your igloo at the bottom right.

Igloo Catalog Secrets

Click the Crow Bar for the Secret Stone Igloo


Click the door in the Deluxe Stone Igloo on Page 16 for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo


Click all four of the words “Candy” for the Gingerbread House



There’s a new message in the HQ. New Mission comes out Monday! Can’t wait!


If you’re a secret agent, you should have gotten a postcard from G. Looks like the New Mission will be here December 29th.


The Coins for Change results are posted in the newspaper. If you donated, you got a postcard.


Merry Christmas, everyone! Wahoo! What’d you get?

There’s a new message in the Secret Agent HQ, check it out! That means the missions coming soon.


Merry Christmas eve! Hope you have a great Christmas tomorrow! Leave a comment.

Club Penguin has a new start screen when you press “PLAY NOW” Check it out!


The New Mission on Club Penguin’s coming real soon. Here’s a sneak peek.

I mostly work on my other site, so sorry for the delay. Let’s start quickly.

The Santa Beard is located in the Ski Village

The Santa Hat is in the Snow Forts

The Present pin is in the Ski Lodge

There are new books in the Book Room/Coffee Shop.

books b2

The Ice Rink is back on the Map

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Christmas Party will be here in just a couple of days! The last day of school before break! YAY!
Here’s a sneak peek.


There are Christmas boxes all over Club Penguin, probably for the party coming this Friday celebrating X-mas! Yay! No school!
The boxes can be viewed in the Cove, Ski Village, and Lodge.




Also, a brand new mission is coming soon!

Rockhopper’s back! Check out his ship, located at the Beach. His shop gives a free item: the Red Pirate Cap.

Quest for Golden Puffle Play has come back. There’s a free background for nonmembers in the catalog. And the secret in the catalog: click on the Gold Puffle.

Play Treasure Hunt in RH’s Quarters on the ship (the key is in the back of the Rockhopper book, located in the Book Room). It’s Christmasy! And check out the 3 Coins for Change stations on CP (locations mentioned below)

Furniture Catalog Secrets for your Igloo

P.3 Click on the Ivy for the Leaning Tree

P. 6 Click the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat

Last, there are a couple new postcards!

And I hope you guys like the new temporary Christmas theme on the site!

Hello, Watex here. Screenhog just posted some sketches for the new ninja game Card-Jitsu.


This sketch looks like a firefighter using a water hose on the other penguin, but he’s blocking it.


These are 4 other skills. You have to buy some trading cards to unlock these moves. ~watex

I’m sorry for the big delay. But let’s start quickly!

Here is the sneak peek of the Christmas Party starting at December 19th.


There will be many things going on at Friday.

  • Coins For Change!
  • Rockhopper’s Arrival
  • The adventure play “Quest for The Golden Puffle” at the Stage
  • A new Better Igloos catalog (To help with all your Christmas decorating)


Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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