The Official Watex Backup

Funny Pictures

Here is a few of my largest collections of pictures. These pictures are updated occasionally so check back often. The reason why I do not have many funny pictures is because my main site with all the pictures got suspended.

I found a coin!

98 Responses to "Funny Pictures"

lol! that is so funny!

I hope you get ALL of them back 😥

Nice, Add Some More!


hmmm i got a idea for a new funny pic watex.


Ps Nice Pics!!!


i cant belive you got hacked! do you think ici fever returned 😯

lol nice hope you get all of your pics back oh and if you need help with the funny pics all of us who view your site ( including me) will be glad to help

wow those pics are funny and i saw someone on you tube saying your username and password.

so funny pics lol

if you needed help by the funny pics or anything else i will support you at my blog and i will add you on my blogroll and i will tell all the cp bloggers support watex and we will write comments and try to get your blog back and i wish all your visitors come back

-Best Wishes Naif Big Z

Thats halarious i was wondering if i could star with u in a picture plz!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Wow! This is great. Good luck getting your site back, I’ll tell all my friends about it,

Watex i love u! nice pics lol!

if you want you can have my funny pictures but i havent got a blog

Wow is so cool you are so funny !!!!

the puffle win !!! is so funny!

You could be on my blogroll watex

your backk!!!!!!!!!!

dear watex well fever i cant belive ur other site was band i hate hackers and ur cheats were the best meet me on snowy river today at 12:30 cp time ok? at the forest PPL DO NOT FOLLOW! Ask for pepper

p.s u rock! any cheats that still work? tell me like walking on dance club cheats or free items

we will help you get your site back in anyway we can watex/fever p.s. i want to meet you on cp sometime if its not to much trouble. i know that your busy and that you may not have time to meet another fan like me but if you have the extra time plz scheduale a day to meet me sometime

i can never be famous like you…….its just that people dont like me i quit my wordpress cuz i didnt get a chance to become famous like you watex….
anyway welcome back!

hi fever

i am happy that you page return



YES FEVER IS BACK! WOO HOO! I visited your blog once before it got suspended and it rocked! I will advertise for you.

Hi Fever I just found you new site and Im gonna ask if I can give you any new funnny pictures Im such a big fan.

Thanks to you, I started making funny pics! Check ’em out Fever!

Watex i thought you were gone forever well good luck on the new blog

Hey Fever!

At my pag, I have interviewed a famous penguins (or I tried it)

Can u comment and enter a my chat?

It is in Spanish, but I believe that you will fix them up 😉


Humo 😉


-Timbiter, The Night CLub Climber

cool i love your funny pictutres!

Awesome! Can’t wait until you get more!!!

Also, how do you get the rare treasure on Soda Seas in Aqua Grabber?

Hey, why does this say it’s 8 o’clock?!? It’s only 3:14!!!

Cool! I wanna show you one of my favorite funny pictures. Hold on. Sorry that I can’t e-mail it to you. I’m not allowed to send e-mails to people I don’t know.

which site are you stick with this or thewatexcp

Watex: This is my new and only non-suspended blog. Other sites saying that they’re me is a fake.

sorry to hear that snow dobby got suspended

Lol! Hope Your Pics Get Back!

Watex I found a site that copied almost all ur funny pics

Of course those pix dont show up but if you right click them and then click show picture there is a 50/100 chance that it might show

Me12101 i l0ve dat pic its s0 my fav, watex try t0 make some more pics though

Umm why don’t you call it Funny Picture?

mkman of cp why should he call ir funny picture? After all he has TWO PICTURES that counts as PICTURES lol!


aww only 2:(
i hope you get all your stuff back!

there so funny \

my cheats:

i was on google and i found a site that had all your funny pics from!

Hooray! I found you! There is this one guy with a site called He is obviously fake! Sorry that this isn’t about the pics but this was the only place I could tell you!

great pics watex, awesome to see u back on track 😉

Hey watex/fever please come to my party at fjord dock monday december 1 at 1:00 PST

I will have a contest and i will make a video

I mean December 1 at 4:00 PST fjord dock

Here is the invitation:
Party time!

Where: Fjord, Dpck will be moving!

When: 4:00 PST December 1 monday

Why: Many thing!

Will be recording

Will have a contest!

The contest is whoever sends me a postcard first will be an admin on my website for 5 weeks!

Let me know if you are coming!


Kool site! I like the pictures on ur old site – they were funny and you had loads! Such a shame that you got suspended! 😦

watex remember the “adopt us”picture from the other site? try and gang up ppl for that picture. look if theres any way that you could get some of those pictures back like today or when eva yu have enouf ppl just be the director.

ps not secret agent type stage type

Good start 🙂

Lol those are pretty funny… 😀

Can you add more , soon?? 😀

Watex I wish u had your old site back

lol funny

even if you cant get your old pics y dont you repeat what you did in them?

If I could make a suggestion, why don’t you just get the old funny pics from your computer? They should be in your computer files. If you deleted them all, they wouldn’t show up. If you aren’t watex, you won’t be able to do this.

Im so happy u got the site back! i was dying trying to use paintboys and others!
— purple_rox

I’m so happy that you got your site back fever…

Fever what are you going to do with the watex warriors. I think that u should enter them in a cp competition

I remember Those From Your Old site

i have all your pics!!!! i had a sight but i forgot about here hte link it has all your pics!!!!!

Are you really Watex? You changed your theme so i dunno know.

I liked your old site

Is this really your website?

LOL I missed you fever/watex!

Wow! Those are really funny Pictures!
I love the one of the Founded coin!
Hope you get the rest of them!

hey fever please if you need any pictures please feel free to borrow mine please!!! take them….

~coolguy67845 visit watex202 site or mine at

hey Fever is your real name copper B. if you get this plz plz plz plz plz write back to meeeeeeeeeee thnx you… 🙂

i got haked again:( they got rid of 10000 coins and got me loads of puffles witch i hate puffles luckly i can sort out the coins with money maker 🙂

How long did it take you to make up TWO picture! AMZING
just to let you know
im being sarcastic

two pictures thats it?

this is the real site right Watex? You look proffessional and those other sites dont look as proffesional as this but am i correct in saying this is the real site?

Denno Senshi, Schueler41, mkman of cp & any others – Watex had his other site wiped out. Nothing can be saved from it. Only memories (!). We should all be helping to get stuff from his old site, or stuff like that. I am starting up a “Search Party” on my site where we try to recover Watex’s things.

plz get your pictures back and they are really funny plz make more funny pictures

Wow nice pics and by the way there is a rumor that your password is
well i won’t say even though it probobly dosent work but it is a type of sled….. I think

watex! saw you on cp when ya weren’t banned! i put ya on ignore cos you didnt buddy me! Go on Frozen and we can c each other on cp. Yukon’s always soooo crowded and I can’t see ya! I did a cp cheats site but I got it shut down coz someone hacked it! Love ya site!
~glitzyx3 xoxo

Lol!! Nice pics Watex!! plz check my website!!

cooool! and grubeey!!!!


your finally back yeahhhhhhhh

Watex I remember watex.wordpress it had SO many pictures. youre second site i never knew about, but HEY!YOU GOT A NEW ONE! ZIP A DEE DOO DAH!!!!! 😀 YAY! I remember these two pictures. The flamingo ones were the best, though. Ahh flamingo dont eat me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you werent banned from CP 😥 😥 😥

LOL!ITS SO FUNNY!HAHAHA!Watex…i last time heard ur watexcheats closed…is it real?

lol thats funny but ADD MORE!!! =)


I remember those from your old site Ahhh the good old days… to bad you posted about PRIZEREBEL

Hey I got some pics for ya my email is

ha ha no those suck theres only 2

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