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Great News!

Posted on: May 2, 2009

I saw that all of you were excited that I was considering to blog again. I’m surprised that all of you said yes! So, it’s a yes people.

Ok, so the latest news is this:

If you’ve signed up for the PSA or volunteered to become a tour guider, Billybob told us to keep looking at our Penguin Mail! Why? Everyone who is in the PSA and/or Tour Guide, you all will get 250 hard-earned coinson first in every month!

In other news: check out the new Penguin Style in the gift shop, and there was this “You Decide” program where you vote for a new background, you can buy that for your very own, 6 days later!

Oh yeah, if you are going to Disney World soon, Rockhopper is there! You can meet him in real life! He is currenly at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Ok, that’s all, I guess… ~w


Posted on: April 26, 2009

I’m actually thinking about blogging again. Since my forum has become “dead”, I am extremely desprate for more users. Get there at

So… should I start blogging? Yes? No? Comment here with your feelings!

I just figured out that you guys can just go to my other site,

I will still post here once in a while, but I will be more active on the other site.

In other news: There is a new Stage! Look at CP Tools for more information. ~watex

The next member party will be on January 15-18th, but Billybob says “it’s going to be more than a party”. Some of the items in the Clothing Catalog will come in very useful. Here’s a sneak peek.


Yay! If you’re still not a member, don’t worry, check out my Membership Contest. Two lucky souls will get a 6 Month Membership!

The Gingerbread Pin is located in the Attic


Clothing Catalog Secrets

Click the Red Paint Bucket for the Spikester


Click the green dot for the Spikette


Click the Flower Pot for the Fruit Headdress


Click the Yellow Gift for the Yellow Scarf



Click the Mountain Peak for the Russian Hat


Click the Tree Top for the Red Viking Helm


Close and Open the Red Viking Helm four times for the Blue Viking Helm


Click the Top Hat of the Snowman for the Pink Pom Pom Toque


Click the Snowflake for the Red Hoodie


There are 4 new backgrounds for nonmembers. 2 are brand new. 2 are repeats.


Hey everybody! How’s it going?

Well, since not many penguins know about my new site I’ve added a bunch of new things. First off, new theme. New snow. New Header (How do you like it? Leave a comment) New Polls (Vote in them!) and … Free Membership!


That’s right. I’ll be giving away TWO 6-month Membership Game Cards! Send an email to saying “I’d like to enter the Membership contest!”

One prize winner will be selected randomly from all the email entries. I’ll email you the code if you won.

The 2nd winner will be the person who refers the most people to my new site. That means if I get 10 emails from 10 different people saying “I found out about this site from Bob123″ and if Bob’s the person who got the most of these, he wins the 2nd prize!

Good luck! Contest ends January 31st. Please spread the word!


Club Penguin Walkthrough Guide to Mission 10

  1. Talk to G until the whole dialogue is finished.
  2. Click the box right of G and put the Solar Panel into your inventory
  3. Go to the Beach. Go inside the Lighthouse. Put the barrel of Cream Soda into your inventory (located near the stairs)
  4. Walk outside. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy looking at the ocean. Tell him you have the Cream Soda.
  5. Give the Cream Soda to the Jet Pack Guy
  6. Click the large cup and drag it to the middle cup
  7. Click the middle cup and drag it to the small cup
  8. Click the small cup and drag it to the large cup
  9. Click the middle cup and drag it to the small cup
  10. Click the large cup and drag it to the middle cup
  11. Click the middle cup and drag it to the small cup
  12. Click the small cup and drag it to the large cup
  13. Go to the Dock and ask the Green Penguin for some Rope. Put the Rope into your inventory
  14. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to the Green Cashier. Tell him you’d like to help
  15. Put the pile of clothing, box of balls, and table into your inventory
  16. Go outside. Put the table beside the Gift Shop. Put the clothing and balls on the table.
  17. Go back into the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.
  18. Get out the solar panel and put it to the magnet’s broken cord.
  19. Click the colored circles until it looks like this:
  20. mission10
  21. Go to the Night Club. Place the Rope on the spool below the Pulley. Pull the Red Lever.
  22. Get out your spyphone and get your Wrench from the Tools.
  23. Click the metal plate on the machine to unscrew the bolts.
  24. Place the gears on the pegs so they all fit.
  25. Click on your spyphone when it rings. Then go to the Dock
  26. Move around until you see Klutzy the Crab
  27. Answer your spyphone again when it rings. Go to the Night Club
  28. Pull the Red Lever on the machine again.
  29. Answer your spyphone when it rings. Click the Lights on the ceiling and point them at the solar panel.
  30. Talk to Herbert, then G.
  31. Click Get Medal and Get Gift. Congrats! You’re done!


Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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