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This blog is pointless now because Watex’s new site is It’s real.

Anyways, since you’re reading this, I suggest you join Gaming Penguins, a great forum run by me (Jeremjay24), Fearsplitter (Ace), and Greenkid232 (Greenkid2). I suggest you join. And don’t just join and forget about it. ┬áCheck it out everyday and post often. The forum wouldn’t look great right now, but it will when Greenkid232 makes the new theme. We have more than 100 users and over 15,000 posts. Cme on and check it out. We would love to see new users.

I created this site to be a “watex backup,” but ended up having 9 comments in a few days which made me continue my dishonest journey. I’m sorry everyone for impersonating. Stupid, right? Well, sorry again. ~fake watex

When you are at the ninja areas, there will be a new deck button that lets you see the cards you have and shows you your ninja information. There will also show an EXP bar, like other games.

In other news: Because Rockhopper is here, you could get the free item if you already haven’t. And the Watex Warriors Membership Contest is coming soon!

Rockhopper is coming! That either means that there’ll be a new awesome free item, or just a lame old rare item. Well, if you want to see the ship, go to the beacon and click on the telescope.

I’m sorry about always being late, cause I always forget about blogging, wow, nice break.

So, many of you fans voted for a wig color. They announced that blue will be the new wig color.

There is also a new furniture item out today. It’s a mirror. Check it out in Penguin Styles!

There is also a new party. I’ll post the freebies later.

And, you guys have heard the membership contest at my forum. I’m currently getting the game cards. So go and sign up now!


Billybob and the team are always working on new cards. So if you want to have a cool card published, you can contact Club Penguin.

So, Club Penguin is gonna publish Card-Jitsu cards in the UK. Also, there is a new puffle pack. If the white puffle is scored, you have the right to remove the opponents yellow cards.

These all sound so interesting. I want a puffle pack for my own! And new cards come with a code that lets you put it up online and lets you keep track of all the cards you bought.

Well, I’m happy I didn’t get cards until now. I’m gonna try to start blogging soon.

In other news: Watex forums are having membership contests starting at the beginning of June. Be sure to tell your friends about the forum if they want free memberships!

Happy Mothers Day everybody! ~watex

Billybob has posted today about the new sneak peek for the next stage play. Take a look at this:


And oh yeah, talk with me online at my forum: ~watex

Great News!

Posted on: May 2, 2009

I saw that all of you were excited that I was considering to blog again. I’m surprised that all of you said yes! So, it’s a yes people.

Ok, so the latest news is this:

If you’ve signed up for the PSA or volunteered to become a tour guider, Billybob told us to keep looking at our Penguin Mail! Why? Everyone who is in the PSA and/or Tour Guide, you all will get 250 hard-earned coinson first in every month!

In other news: check out the new Penguin Style in the gift shop, and there was this “You Decide” program where you vote for a new background, you can buy that for your very own, 6 days later!

Oh yeah, if you are going to Disney World soon, Rockhopper is there! You can meet him in real life! He is currenly at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Ok, that’s all, I guess… ~w


Posted on: April 26, 2009

I’m actually thinking about blogging again. Since my forum has become “dead”, I am extremely desprate for more users. Get there at

So… should I start blogging? Yes? No? Comment here with your feelings!

I just figured out that you guys can just go to my other site,

I will still post here once in a while, but I will be more active on the other site.

In other news: There is a new Stage! Look at CP Tools for more information. ~watex


Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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