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This blog is pointless now because Watex’s new site is It’s real.

Anyways, since you’re reading this, I suggest you join Gaming Penguins, a great forum run by me (Jeremjay24), Fearsplitter (Ace), and Greenkid232 (Greenkid2). I suggest you join. And don’t just join and forget about it. ¬†Check it out everyday and post often. The forum wouldn’t look great right now, but it will when Greenkid232 makes the new theme. We have more than 100 users and over 15,000 posts. Cme on and check it out. We would love to see new users.

Update: I’m not switching blog guys!! You just got confused. I’m switching WordPress accounts, because I was borrowing my cousin’s account because my main got hacked. Now, I found the one I had on I am using the real account right now.

My cousin Jeremy needs my WordPress badly. You see, I was borrowing it. After a long time, I finally suceeded to get back my main WordPress account. I thank you all for coming to this site frequently.

I will be posting now with my main account, Watex. So, catch you later.

In other news: Look at my backed up cheat site! I finally got it back. ~watex

The new pin is at the Beach.


Guys, people in Card Jitsu are catching up!! Click here to go on my tutorial on Card Jitsu.

In other news: The Snow Dobby poll is ending soon, but Snow Dobby isn’t getting unsuspended yet. It ends on the 25th. ~watex

Well, many people are getting confused about this suspending and all the other things.

  1. There is a guy, the link is He’s saying that I quit, and links everyone to Dojo Penguins. No, this is not true. I DID NOT quit.
  2. I got permanently suspended on my old site, I got suspended 3 times, the third time for posing about Prize Rebel, the free membership site.

Guys, please believe me that this site is real, I did not quit! Here is a screencast of watexscheats.


Guys, to tell the truth…

Ready to hear it?

I’m not a very good friend of Chewy.

Nest, another one. Ameeron.


I’ll tell you why these are fakes.

  1. I don’t add that much people on the blogroll.
  2. You see my penguin’s name? It’s kinda gray. He copied it from a jpeg file so it’s 99.9% fake.
  3. I make widgets more like this.

Next, thewatexcp.


I am more comfortable working alone by myself on my site. I always never let people be editors.


Please believe that I’m real. ~watex

Update: Many of you were asking if there were cheats for ninjas. I found the Item IDs. These only work with Penguin Storm.

Item IDS: (If it’s a patched ID click on “Patched ID Breakout”. I promise that you don’t get banned as long as you click the button on Buy Item>Patched ID Breakout. [Ninja costume is for members])

  • White Belt – 4025
  • Yellow Belt – 4026
  • Orange Belt – 4027
  • Green Belt – 4028
  • Blue Belt – 4029
  • Red Belt – 4030
  • Purple Belt – 4031
  • Brown Belt – 4032
  • Black Belt – 4033
  • Ninja Clothing – 4034

Please tell me if these don’t work. ~watex

Update 3: If you are on the Portuguese servers, and playing the game but can’t, and you get an error message that says: Essa sala est√° cheia neste momento. That is “This room is currently full.”. If you are on the English servers, you will get that message. I don’t know if it’s just my computer. ~w

Hey guys, Watex here. Billybob announced that the Card-Jitsu was really popular that I had to go to another server other than Yukon, LOL.

For a hint to log on, you should go on Miniclip’s Club Penguin, it’s better for me.

Update 3: There is a 79.9% chance that going to five bar servers work better.

And yes there is a big update. When a room is full, it brings you back to the place you were before you used the map and the map pops up. It’s really annoying, I agree.

I have to tell you how to play. It’s really confusing.

  1. Log on
  2. Go to the Dojo
  3. Put your mouse over the chair around the right side.
  4. You sill see the Sensei popping up. Click on him.
  5. Facts:
  • Water can overcome fire.
  • Ice can freeze water.
  • Fire can melt ice.
  • If the card is tied, the higher number wins.

Ways to win:

  • Have the same type, but have all of it each in different colors.
  • The other way to win is to have everything in different colors.

Funny thing the Sensei said:

  • loldojo

How to become a Ninja:

  • You have to earn experience by winning matches
  • Fight the Sensei and try to win against him. If you do that, you become a ninja. (Only members can get ninja suit.)

Beating the Game:

  • When the opponent has 2 of the different of fire, water, or ice, try to get the highest number that can beat the one that has 2 fire, water, or ice.
  • Grab the highest number card you have.
  • Fight the Sensei and try to win against him. If you do that, you become a ninja. (Only members can get ninja suit.)
  • If you win 5 times (not in a row, but it’s possible), then you advance and receive a new belt.
  • When the opponent has 2 of the different colors and icon, let’s make an example. The opponent has 1 red fire and 1 yellow ice. There is 80% chance that he will choose water. So think of a type of card that can beat water. The answer is ice, because ice freezes the water. So choose ice. You will have a high chance of getting that one.
  • When you have 2 of the different color and icon, let’s make an example. You have 1 red ice and 1 yellow fire. The opponent will predict that you will put up water. So when the opponent gets the water card, you have to think of something that can cool. The answer is Fire. So use fire. Do that over and over again until you win.

NOTE: You do not have to get black belt in order to become a ninja.

Describing the game:

If you beat the Sensei, you can go to a room. Click here to see it.

More info coming soon.

Hey guys, Snow Dobby, the guy on my blogroll, was suspended. Here is a poll if I should remove him or not.

Here’s another poll. Sorry for giving many polls, but this is important. Snow Dobby was my friend for a long time.

In other news: Club Penguin is glitching a lot. It didn’t let me go on Yukon so I had to get in Blizzard. When I played 2 times, it just lagged off. ~watex

Just like my other site, I had to make the rule again. Spammy comments will anyway with Akismet, but it bothers me and a lot of my fans.


To tell the truth, blocking computers was impossible. I will make it so that you guys can only look at my blog and can’t comment. ~w

Hey guys. Watex here, being the first to post about this information.

There is a trading card update! These cards will be avalable online at Club Penguin Trading Card game will be available in North American Toys’R’Us stores and also online starting at Monday at,, and the Club Penguin Online Shop (The Value Deck)!


Also, there will be a code which you can unlock your own item.

In other news: Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force will be avalable at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon, Toys’R’Us, the Club Penguin Online Shop, and more.

Club Penguin was trying to put in a “mute” checkbox at the question mark on the chat box for a long time and here it is! There is also a World Notifier.


There is finally a sign that says,”Grand Reopening” outside of the dojo.


The dojo is remodeled. If you click on the Dojo on the map, you end up outside. You can still use the door to go inside.

Finally, a new item, is on the right of the map.



Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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