The Official Watex Backup

A big apology

Posted on: January 1, 2010

I created this site to be a “watex backup,” but ended up having 9 comments in a few days which made me continue my dishonest journey. I’m sorry everyone for impersonating. Stupid, right? Well, sorry again. ~fake watex

10 Responses to "A big apology"

Lol at least you got one comment here

Well, at least you accepted!


So… You’re not the real watex, eh?

Well, good luck with your life. Maybe we’ll get to know the real you!


You know what, Akbaboy came back. that’s right, he’s back on your forum and he’s more active than ever before. Welcome him back, eh?


Your not the real Watex??? D: I always liked the real Watex… he was so nice… I guess I will never see him again… 😦 (He was always so nice! 😦 )

And everyone was getting mad at me for knowing you weren’t the real watex a long time ago. Well nice blog anyways


what/who is the Watex? I miss out in every thing! don’t I!

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Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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