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Rockhopper is here and Card Jitsu Updates!

Posted on: May 22, 2009

When you are at the ninja areas, there will be a new deck button that lets you see the cards you have and shows you your ninja information. There will also show an EXP bar, like other games.

In other news: Because Rockhopper is here, you could get the free item if you already haven’t. And the Watex Warriors Membership Contest is coming soon!


44 Responses to "Rockhopper is here and Card Jitsu Updates!"

hey watex! I love your site, and I was wondering if you could add me on clubpenguin?

Remember me???
Off ur chat.
I was in ur vid?
ANYWAY. have you found out that dance?
The one where you put the ghost costume on and the torch?
😀 my sis found it annnd I thought I’d share it.
try it.

You’re posting again!
I finally found you!

yo meet me in cp

server=iceicle if full go to server big foot
time= 7:00 on the dot!!!!
date=june 1
where=ice berg

yay! ur back!

*gasp* I found you!

ME TOO!!! You should post the link to this site on

Ive compiled righting samples from watexs original blog. to this blog and there were significant changes in grammar. so i logged this site as an fraudulent site. You have a 10 days to remove all of watexs copyrighted content.

dude everyone hates you! everyone loikes mimo and wweadam better than you! and guess what!update your site your over 2 years short

Fever You Back!Holy Cow Dude I thought you where banned.P.S My friend hacks you and his name is bobipuluza55

Can you please please meet me on Frosty Server at Lighthouse on June 18 at 9:00 Am PST. If you would come that would be so awesome!

you nver update anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi watex/fever still doing good I used to be a fan but now im a fan of mimo777 and have my own site try to keep up bye

finally yout posting again what happended to your old website???

omg its been years since u did a post please update once

Update the new sneak peaks and other things!!!!!!

Hey everyone who’s angry cuz he’s not posting. He’s in high school, and he’s probably not playing anymore. Just get over it. Also, he has to be approving comments, so he might still be here.

Hey Watex,
Can I plz be on your blogroll? PLZ!!!???
My website is:
PS: And yes, I have about 2,000 but I DID add you to my blogroll like 3 months ago!
PSS: Renember… Im a BIG fan!

I can add you to my website! It’s a good idea because I get over 100 hits a day! Love your website!

More info at my club penguin cheats at:

Your posting Again cool

Wow he’s in High School!??!?!?! 😮 ok well thats strange like that one Vital Viper vid “The Club Penguin Effect” LOLZ

uhh… watex.. are you still there?

-Hauntedclaw (still wondering if you are still there)

are you going to update !

I miss your old site so much!! It was the site i used when I first joined cp i was really sad when it closed… 😦

what??? i dont think this is the real thing… if it is post it on the watex youtube channel


Hey Watex!
Did u get bored of CP cuz u dont have any recent posts. I love ur website but then it got banned. So I went to Ojoc club penguin cheats. They loved u too. But they dont mention u anymroe 😦 . Plz reply back! Add if u see us!: Tiphy Lila, Pearl Lugia, Gabool9, Destineec, Fantasmic3, Clubin4ever, Nvidia101, Lily998877, Sophie7127, Eightisgreat, Hannah Wilt3, and Red Ice 4000.
Plz add us!

-Tiphy Lila and Pearl Lugia

OMG I FINALLY FOUND why did your old wordpress get banned???

update it please. i found you again ☺

Wow you were posting again

Wow, you gonna post again?

Hey Watex….do you remember me? I was from your chat, you let me be in that Bleeding Love vid you did….can you post it again? If u dont remember me, I’m Steeboh…..
😀 You better remember or I’ll come over there and kick ur sorry *** lol….
Sooo yeah, you don’t have to show this the public, tis just a quick note, as I havent seen you since that day in 2008…
(Take Care, Hope To Chat Soon, Something french bout replying, As Soon As Possible…:D)

r u the real Watex? so many people copy you and you can kinda tell but r u the real Watex?

why arnt u posting u have not posted since may get up[ on your fett and post more man and ill watch your site


IT IS NOW OCTOBER 21 2009 can I be your cp buddy Fever Im still A FAN OF URE SITES !!!

Plz make more posts,straw000 this one is in may and it’s now october

the reason watex has not posted is cause he quit

This fails. I know you’re the fake, because I asked Watex on Clubpenguintools (the one who seemingly moved to) and he said you’re an imposter. I can’t believe I thought you were the real one.


Fever, if u want ur cp penguin back Watex (this might work) first, go to and it was say that to ask the name for the banned penguin and ur email adress and it will have a message box u type in to the cp support and maybe u get lucky and u may get a email from cp saying watex is unbanned or still banned for a reason or something. Im saying this to help

this is ur new site? i went 2 ur old one and got freaked out cause it was banned!

no agent, hes a fake, he said so in the post above


OMG!! hes in highschool and he plays club penguin?? how lame is THAT?

His website he post alot is : he just made it. It rocks!

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Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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