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New Stuff and Free Membership

Posted on: January 2, 2009

Hey everybody! How’s it going?

Well, since not many penguins know about my new site I’ve added a bunch of new things. First off, new theme. New snow. New Header (How do you like it? Leave a comment) New Polls (Vote in them!) and … Free Membership!


That’s right. I’ll be giving away TWO 6-month Membership Game Cards! Send an email to saying “I’d like to enter the Membership contest!”

One prize winner will be selected randomly from all the email entries. I’ll email you the code if you won.

The 2nd winner will be the person who refers the most people to my new site. That means if I get 10 emails from 10 different people saying “I found out about this site from Bob123″ and if Bob’s the person who got the most of these, he wins the 2nd prize!

Good luck! Contest ends January 31st. Please spread the word!



24 Responses to "New Stuff and Free Membership"

ok!!!!!!i sent you a message in email!i told my friends!!!



awesome hey fever im gonna tell everyone about ur site and im gonna tell them to refrence me

i found out this website from wilson

why isn’t there a link to cp on the site?

why did u erase my comment?

sorry nvm
i think i posted on ur other website

no u actually did erase my comment…


sorry again watex
i was just checking if when you write someone else’s name but write the wrong email the comment will show up or not.. srry

I sent an email watex. I would like to be in the contest.

Wow the new look is to totally cool. I wish i had my own webbie. I wonder how I get graphics like penguins and stuff… (In thought)

Thanks a million! (= Thanks a Billion! (;

Fever, i reffered 2 people 1 called sarah, one called cody and a few others.

I like the new red titles really. nice
Snows quite good.
Good new look

Hey Fever u rock dude i really wanna meet you on cp just once and i really wanna be apart of ur blog and help out if i can and defaintly i want 6 month membership because my mum don’t think it safe giving her credit card number so plz so bye and plz give me membership i really hope i meet u i think u mostly go on yukon right anyways i wanna be in blog bye and i hope i get membership my email bye!

pick me to 6 moths membership ok 1 moth membership

pick me to 6 moths membership ok 1 moth membership
c’mom PLEASE pick me

If you choose Me i will give you tons of book codes or if you have them then ill give you a surprise so plz choose me

Please pick me! I will give you lots of stowaway and the ultimate guide to club penguin! I promise and I swear to god. In fact I will give you all of the codes! Please pick me. E-mail the code at if I win. THANKS YOUR COOL!

no me!
please your the best!


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