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New Pin and Clothing Catalog Secrets

Posted on: January 2, 2009

The Gingerbread Pin is located in the Attic


Clothing Catalog Secrets

Click the Red Paint Bucket for the Spikester


Click the green dot for the Spikette


Click the Flower Pot for the Fruit Headdress


Click the Yellow Gift for the Yellow Scarf



Click the Mountain Peak for the Russian Hat


Click the Tree Top for the Red Viking Helm


Close and Open the Red Viking Helm four times for the Blue Viking Helm


Click the Top Hat of the Snowman for the Pink Pom Pom Toque


Click the Snowflake for the Red Hoodie


There are 4 new backgrounds for nonmembers. 2 are brand new. 2 are repeats.


10 Responses to "New Pin and Clothing Catalog Secrets"

Watex you can buy the Sided wig in the catolog its the page before clearence. Hope you like it.

is this realy fever?

Hello There! I go by the name of Luigi and it would be greatly appreciated if you, fever can visit our site and if you like it maybe you can add us to your blogroll! (we have you added) and if you feel VERY genorours you can make a post about us it would be greatly appreciated since I look up to you as a roll model!


Hey Fever someone said your 14! Wow I never met a 14 year old who likes club penguin. lol. Don’t your parents get mad?

come to my site
and #1 fann

Fever!!! Ur back!
You are awesome dude..
plz visit my site im ur biggest fan!!!

OMG hi watex (fever)! i was big time watex.wordpress user till it was shut down.i thought i would never hear about you again. i decided to go on Google,and it took me here! so glad to see your still helping others!ill be using this site now. bye.

waddle on

thx watex u rock

Hey watex can you join my forum at

and everyone to you can join its new

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Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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