The Official Watex Backup

Giving the account back to Jeremy now.

Posted on: November 22, 2008

Update: I’m not switching blog guys!! You just got confused. I’m switching WordPress accounts, because I was borrowing my cousin’s account because my main got hacked. Now, I found the one I had on I am using the real account right now.

My cousin Jeremy needs my WordPress badly. You see, I was borrowing it. After a long time, I finally suceeded to get back my main WordPress account. I thank you all for coming to this site frequently.

I will be posting now with my main account, Watex. So, catch you later.

In other news: Look at my backed up cheat site! I finally got it back. ~watex

52 Responses to "Giving the account back to Jeremy now."

what do you mean? does that mean you’re changing to a different website now?

Watex: No, it was the username. I was actually borrowing my account from my cousin, Jeremy.

But your other site is still suspended!!!!!!!!!!

and I don’t know what your back-up cheat site is…

it is still down!!

Watex: What is still down?

Hi Watex! For A Minute…I Thought Was Your Real Site!
PS. Can You PLEASE Comment On One Of My Pages! Thank-You!

Um what is your Backup site?

So youll keep this site or not?

oh and please dont block me but sorry for that post on the new pin that I made. -Leon7222

so confuesdd i cant find ur old site and what is ur back u p site

k, got it. he was talking about the username for wordpress guys. he’s still keeping the site! yay! u rock watex!

awesome i just found ur site cool ur back!! lol

watex, onequestion. what is your backup site? u know, just in case

ok CHEWY, how do you know he’s a fake? he’s the only watex around here who still uses Fever as his penguin.

anyone know why Snow Dobby got suspended?

Watex!!! I’m still with ya!!! On every wordpress i know, I’ve been posting advertisments!!! Your not fake, i just know it. And i hate to nage ya, but can you pretty pretty plz through a party???

-Timbiter, The Night Club Climber,FEVER FOREVER

wats the new site you are using?

your website is still says your suspended!

i just realized thats why it says filed under jeremjay…

Snow Dobby is back! 😀

Watex, I am very confused. Please explain what you mean!


confused. what is the backup site?

omg that’s soo awsome!! YAY!!

So,what is your new website? I looked for it all day but, couldnt find it! What is it again?

snow dobbys site is back!!!! and i understand you watex/fever

so confused so whats happening??

your other one is still suspended what is yoiur back up site????

Are you still going to be posting on this site with your watex account?

plz explain: we are all really confused.


Watex , Do you want me on your blogroll and I could add you as well !


i got an idea on how to go to serevers without it being full! try going to the portuguese servers!

ps what is the site your gonna use

O so where it says jermylay25, it will say watex?

WAAAA I can’t become a ninja. I beet sensei seven times and i still cant become a ninja. I’m a black belt and all, too.
Plz Help me.

-Timbiter, The Night Club Climber

il reveeal myself remembr on your old blog i was ?????? well my name is mickey (thats my penguin name) add me as an author/admin and its great to have you back youre blog was the coolest;) anyway please add me as those both we all missed your old blog

wait if he really is the real one i want proof answer these questions. What server do you go on? What is the area you go in most?(town, plaza, what?) What is your theme color? WHATS THE NAME OF YOUR ARMY? Get them right and i’ll belive u.

Hey Watex!I knew that you are the real Watex because at the pic’s it is you!;) I will post at which haves 600.000 hits and at my site that you are the real Watex if you add at your Blogroll PLEASE!

is yukon the server you go on still or did it change? i wanna BEAT you in card jistu, at the ninja place.


Timbiter, that same thing is happening with my old account Rameen007, i dont know how to fix it, but i know club penguin is word very hard to get it fixed.

~Eprice135679, Night club climber

Yay! I finally found your new site! 😀

Hey watex, I know who stole your account! Well, at least think I know, The guy at watex’s CP CHEATS did! If you look at the Posted By: (account name here) It says,” Posted By Watex.”!

O h watex i think I know what austin ment. He probably meant SnowDobby is still suspended. Well, he isn’t so DONT REMOVE HIM!

’tis a real shame your original site was shut down. and watex imposters do not make the situation any better.

by the way, i may have stumbled upon another imposter you should know about:

Watex/Fever you should have a party to celebrate your new site and show those people who dont belive you that it is you.

Sincerlely , Orange Con

wait…. ok now im confused… i thought u said u got back but its still suspended?? oh idk… plz explain! 🙂

Ok Eprise1345679, so u recomend i email Support Club Penguin???

And watex, why didn’t u make a wordpress called

o its tooken nvm

dude u changing sites or wat? Please answer me

Ok guys this is not watex plus fever is banned it to obvious that this poser is a hacker

Hey What’s Up??

Fever I am wondering why did the ice rink have to come back on to the map because its really annoying

Kind Regards


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Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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