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New Pin

Posted on: November 21, 2008

The new pin is at the Beach.


Guys, people in Card Jitsu are catching up!! Click here to go on my tutorial on Card Jitsu.

In other news: The Snow Dobby poll is ending soon, but Snow Dobby isn’t getting unsuspended yet. It ends on the 25th. ~watex

20 Responses to "New Pin"


I did all i can. every fake site now all the other sites!

P.S.I’d give credit to Pelkiun Cuz thats the only way i would have found your site.

Pleas help me. I can’t win from the sensei. He always know wich cart I have.

Watex: Try over again 5-10 more times. When he messes up, you can beat him!

lolz watex how fake is this???
Club penguin support send me a message saying in that they are the ones who mistakely erased fever information. They gave me a new account (darn it) his name is feverd they add a d. After five minuits they send me another letter and the surprise was that this one was made by billybob i can not believe it, it said that they are sorry for the last letter and he said:

Our last letter was totally wrong so do not read it, we changed the password of your penguin Fever to a new password that no body know, we did so by the orders of a man he said that he was the wordpress owner his name is Sir Matt Hanson, maybe you know him, he said that you made a free membership contest which is not allowed by club penguin, everybody should pay his own money to get membership.

We should do as he said but we gave you an account here is his pass User: Feverd

Pass:******(removed by me watex)

But if you do anything again about the membership, you will really pay for it

From now on you may see your penguin Fever on cp he is me billybob, so do not think it is hacked


Club penguin support.


I felt that billbob was so serios. I am so sad now he broke all the hopes for bringing fever back, i feel i am struck with a hard stone on my head.

Sorry for making you angry

Now my only peng will be feverd not feverameeron and if you were my old buddy meet me in the 10000 hits party i will add you back

so sadly i end


Watex or Fever your not as good as you use to be because you didn’t post the new stage play and the new fruniture catolog.

Wonder if he is having a hard time getting on CP like me. I have only been able to get on twice since the new game started.

What is the pin?

don’t quit. you are the best out there.
so yea, your old site was suspended, but you are still here, those fakers could fake, but you know your you, and you shouldn’t give up. They only look up to you. So i’m asking you with all i have,
your were #1 on google before, and you can do it again.

The pin is a snowflake.

You should have a party.To show everyone your still here.

ive been doing EVERYTHING i can to stop people going on the fraud sites! i know this is real u! when ur site got banned, so many people took the chance to impersonate you and steal ur fans! dont ever get banned again! even i took ages to find this site, and hopefully my comments will be listened to and this new site will get many more people! u have the BEST cp cheats site! FEVER FOREVER!!!!


people don’t say watex is not as good! can’t u see that hes still trying to figure things out with his new site – not to mention the trouble he must have with all those FRAUDS! give him time to recover this website and make it way better than the old one! believe in him!

Hi Watex!
It is me, Pitchy! I would appreciate it if you commented on my blog (I don’t want to force you to add me to your blogroll so Im not going to)! Great to know that your back! I am also wanting to say that Snowdobby is back AND that I kind of agree with Leon7222, I believe you ARE watex but you seem to be a bit sloppy as you have made many punctuation mistakes and you seem to have missed the play and the furniture catalog!
Oh well,
Waddle on my friends!
P.S. I am your buddy fever/watex!

ok?? well umm watex hi im back so ill start to comments like 30 times a week or more

fever is unbanned??

chewy, said your not real watex!

i really cant deside if or if not your really him, but it doesent really matter because your posting cp cheats anyway

snowdobby is stealing pics from wweadam

How come in ever picture, Fever is always wearing the exact same thing, sitting in the exact same position, and looking a little blurry?
Sorry, but I’m always kind of suspicious because there is a whole lot of “Oh-Em-Gee, I’m the real watex” scam.
It would help if you put the fake sites so that we know not to visit there….

I am black blet

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Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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