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Info you MUST read

Posted on: November 21, 2008

Well, many people are getting confused about this suspending and all the other things.

  1. There is a guy, the link is He’s saying that I quit, and links everyone to Dojo Penguins. No, this is not true. I DID NOT quit.
  2. I got permanently suspended on my old site, I got suspended 3 times, the third time for posing about Prize Rebel, the free membership site.

Guys, please believe me that this site is real, I did not quit! Here is a screencast of watexscheats.


Guys, to tell the truth…

Ready to hear it?

I’m not a very good friend of Chewy.

Nest, another one. Ameeron.


I’ll tell you why these are fakes.

  1. I don’t add that much people on the blogroll.
  2. You see my penguin’s name? It’s kinda gray. He copied it from a jpeg file so it’s 99.9% fake.
  3. I make widgets more like this.

Next, thewatexcp.


I am more comfortable working alone by myself on my site. I always never let people be editors.


Please believe that I’m real. ~watex

62 Responses to "Info you MUST read"

YEAH!!!! Go Watex!!!
I knew you were the real Watex and that you’d tell everybody you were!!!
I love your site!

i believe you’re real!

Ur real wwe adam had dockpenguins

i beleeve you watex!!

sorry im a bit of a bad speller!!

anyways visit my website.
its not as good as here but anyway:

ok pleas visit!

I know your the REAL watex.
I hate all the fakes!
I mean it’s sortove obvious that hes just trying to get hits on his form.

i beleave you

i posted on some of the fake sites telling themto go here

We are your loyal fans!!!! You can make no dout if you throw a party
Go Watex!!!!

-Timbiter, The Night Club Climber

Don’t stop beleeeeeevin!

i believe your real!!!

i want to know did you read my comment about those sites or did you find out ur self??

plz reply

Hello again!!!

I am on my fifth penguin

My first one was called Shorty223344
I forgot his password.
My second one was called
Pepsi Drift
Banned becuz i hacked. Dont do that
My third one was called
He was a member, then it expired. Someone Hacked him and put it on Ultra Safty Chat or Sumthang.
My fourth one was caled
He got apernament bann. He got banned for selling tacos, Picking on someone, telling them to get out of there igloo, and saying that Taco Time is better than TacoBell.
So, now Im on
Not a single bann yet

How pathetic that so many are trying to pretend to be you. They are too lazy to put in the time that you have to build their blog popularity that they need to piggy-bank off of your name.

omg that’s so dumb!! ppl pretending to be u…. I know you’re the real one!!! yeah i’ve been to dojo penguins…. it’s kinda boring.

i went to and posted on every post!!! i said:

OMG U ARE NOT WATEX!!!!!!!! ur a FAKE!!!! DONT BELIEVE HIM!!! GO TO THATS THE REAL WATEX!!!! i cant believe i fell for that a few months ago!! HES A FAKE!

hope this helps!

Thenthere is this site…

They do have a screen shot but notice it’s on the IceBurg over white snow. Easy to photoshop.

Trixiegirl, looks like they already deleted your posts.

yeah that figures…. they dont want ppl finding out they’re fake. 😦 theres so many ppl that think those sites are real! it makes me mad…!!

I belive you watex



You make Waaaaaaaaaaaay better party widgets!

And when takes his photos (like for a new pin) He always stands up during shots, you sit down

Ive been a fan of you for over a year and I know when its really you 😉

there is no way this is fake. if anyone says its fake deleat their comment

I n0 yr the real Watex I just n0 it!

omg that is sooo stupid all the ppl impersonating u!!! seriously theres like 5 sites doing that!!! i went to every one and posted that they were fake and i put ur real link there.

thanx 4 finally FINALLY posting about this!!!!
i’ve been waiting a while…

so glad I found you! I posted on the other websites that hey were FAKE and told them the REAL website!
So glad ur back! chillax! fever forever!!!

Dude, I know you are real. that enzo guy hasnt blogged anything in about TEN DAYS! You wouldn’t do that unless you said so in ur blog! I wish i never found enzos blog. People started commenting that he was fake and that brought me here. Thank you to all who made those comments about enzo being a fake! P.S: you rock watex!

i know you are the real one
they want your hits so they are pretending to be you
i never went on the other sites
the way you do things and operate ur blog is uniqe and thats what brings everybody here and its also the reason nobody can copy you

I believe you Watex.
But you’re not as good as before. What is the pin exactly and what about the new play and the new furniture catalog?
Please post about those things.

Hey Watex I beleive u 999999999999999million Dude if u need an author I will post abut all the new stuff I will help u out I have lots of experiance I had a site but it got suspended like urs I know it really sucks.
So plz dude email at

I knew you where the real fever the moment i saw this page.By the way I’m a super mega ultra big fan.You made me want to make a blog to and i did and im only 10.So I would be happy if you looked at it using the information down the bottom and commenting on it.By the way I only made it today.

im sorry watex i thouht a fake was you i think li gi 99 told me about you i know your real go watex!

watex is so real ezno is fake you rule your the best no one else could match you the real watex also if you meet a penguin named andrewfmtx please make him your buddy please

watex, ive been posting on most of the fraud sites and telling them to go here! i think u should post telling evryone who knows ur real site to spread the word so the impostors will be crushed! FEVER FOREVER!!!! im ur loyal fan!

I could care less.

that ezno guy is a big liar. he posted comments like he was offended that people dint believe him.that impostor, i hope all the people who know about his site crushes him with comments saying tha thes fake!

watex this is an update.
I’ve been visiting chewy’s site to see whether my posts are working, but the crowd is completely confused.
they say that has better cheats than
they think you own watexscheats and say that chewy is better than watex.
But they don’t realize that chewy has pretended to be watex, made the “fake” watex suck, and then steal the crowd for chewy himself.
pretty diabolical huh?
I just though u should know that now that crowd is rooting for chewy because they think the “fake” watex sucks.
I will keep posting with hopes to rebuild this site back to its greater achieving quality and popularity. chillax! fever forever!!!!

sorry just making sure that u know chewy owned both sites above.

Yo Watex,

I checked out ameerons site. That site is so unlike you. I’ve been a regular visitor ever since i’ve discovered you, and I know the font that you usually use and that you never type a whole post in bold. Ameerons site also had a lot more spelling errors than you would usually have. Its kinda sad how many people fell for Ameeron.

Nothing is what it seems…

watex I posted on ameeron’s site and he banned all my comments so I made another name- click so I can still call him a fake and stuff lol
so just know that “click” is me

oh yeah and i had to change the email, so hopefully the person with the actual email won’t notice…

i belive ure real fever what u could do is get loads of ppl 2 meet u on cp on fever and get the person that is pretending 2 be u to go to the same place then people will relise thatu r the real cuz u have the real penguinand hes fans might go ive left comments on his site saying i know hes fake

ya I guess you are the real watex! Sweet. I saw your blog once and liked it but then it got suspended. Happy rebuilding your blog. Lol. Yeah there are alot of fakes.

Could you maybe post a picture of Fever doing something besides sitting down wearing the same thing?
I’ll believe you more, and I bet others will too.

ameeron is the real watex your the fake one

now i dont konw who to belive this watex or ameeron who do i belive???
im clueless

This is the real watex guys!!!
i belive you!

I believe you Watex. I thought you were gone until now.

hmm watex is real ask him a question like umm whats your youtube account.or how did watex get banned.I remember those posts on

hey watex
another update
chewy and ezno i believe have been taken down by our comments
but ameeron’s a problem
he checks his blog evryday and deletes all the “bad” comments
u should do something about it cuz some of ur fans b4 believe him

i think ameeron’s going to ban click really soon…lol

(he already banned Justin)


thats evil coz i believed the other sites but they didn’t look rite so i came to u so i believe u now

i hate those stupid fake people their the worst liers ever so welcome back watex

I can’t believe that people are trying to steal your identity for attention! Attention seeking and masquerading as another person is SO wrong.
I’m happy that you’re back!

Another thing:
Some people still don’t believe you because they’re attatched to another fake site.
You should make more pictures/ videos so people can start believing you than some other imposter site.
Ameeron is fake.
thewatexcp is fake.
watexclubpenguin is fake.
There’s just so many to list!
But I know it’s you, Watex!
I TOTALLY believe you!

Hey Watex I short of figured that out berfore I found your site.He spelled everything bad,the commet stamp thigy is changed,and all ways talk to me on commets sometimes……

P.S. I put you on my blogroll and you still rock.(keep going)

This watex is 100 percent R E A L!

hi watex, it’s click, or Justin
another update
ameeron has admitted to not being watex after our attacks of comments
he knew he wouldn’t be able to fool real watex fans (like me)
the problem is, he now claims that the real watex is his uncle named william and that the REAL watex isn’t ever gonna post his own site
he says that he’s getting tips from “watex” and pretty much heavily hinting that ameeron’s website is watex’s website
i’m pretty sure u didn’t write ameeron a letter with pretty informal choices of words
but that ameeron guy is really getting on my nerves
what now?

hey for all u guys who are still not sure if this is the real watex or not: here’s how to check proof.

Use these steps to check on a “watex” website to see if he’s real or not.

1. if u look at the pics he posted of “fever”, see if the name has been pasted on

2. if the person has been posting about losing his account, penguin, and wordpress account – that’s just an excuse because he doesn’t have access to watex’s account and he’s just lying so people will believe him
(if he has been saying that people hacked him – that’s a flat out lie cuz the real watex has his account)

3. if you’ve been checking watex’s old site for a real while, you’ll notice that watex’s writing has less grammar errors – check if the person has many grammar errors

4. check the ‘about watex”
it should look something like this

Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it’s a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

check that the written server is correct, and that not too much info is revealed

5. if there is a post about comments, it should look something like this: (this was how it was roughly written in the old site)

please don’t post pointless comments. however, bad comments will actually never be shown to the public. whoever makes a pointless comment (e.g. say “1st comment”, nifhdil, etc.) will be blocked from commenting.

6. check if “watex” lets writers, editors, authors, etc to work with him. watex is an individual who does not let people work with him as those jobs

this is how i figured out who the REAL watex is

so there u go,
i believe that the REAL watex is on

now u decide whether u believe me or not

happy watex hunting!


Hey guys… just to let you know…

There’s this person named lala who’s going on every topic and commenting “FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE” (I said something rude on one of the topics as a response to her comments, sorry about that)

Just to let you know, this site isn’t fake. People think that is real but I KNOW it’s FAKE!

This site just needs to post more screenshots and videos, that’s all.

Fever, I suggest making a screenshot of your penguin, saying that THIS site is real. That should be enough proof.

whoa you people have way too much free time

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Watex goes on Club Penguin everyday. He goes on Yukon server (it's a U.S. server). His account Watex is banned so he uses his other account Fever. He is a boy.

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