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Posted on: November 19, 2008

Update: Many of you were asking if there were cheats for ninjas. I found the Item IDs. These only work with Penguin Storm.

Item IDS: (If it’s a patched ID click on “Patched ID Breakout”. I promise that you don’t get banned as long as you click the button on Buy Item>Patched ID Breakout. [Ninja costume is for members])

  • White Belt – 4025
  • Yellow Belt – 4026
  • Orange Belt – 4027
  • Green Belt – 4028
  • Blue Belt – 4029
  • Red Belt – 4030
  • Purple Belt – 4031
  • Brown Belt – 4032
  • Black Belt – 4033
  • Ninja Clothing – 4034

Please tell me if these don’t work. ~watex

Update 3: If you are on the Portuguese servers, and playing the game but can’t, and you get an error message that says: Essa sala estΓ‘ cheia neste momento. That is “This room is currently full.”. If you are on the English servers, you will get that message. I don’t know if it’s just my computer. ~w

Hey guys, Watex here. Billybob announced that the Card-Jitsu was really popular that I had to go to another server other than Yukon, LOL.

For a hint to log on, you should go on Miniclip’s Club Penguin, it’s better for me.

Update 3: There is a 79.9% chance that going to five bar servers work better.

And yes there is a big update. When a room is full, it brings you back to the place you were before you used the map and the map pops up. It’s really annoying, I agree.

I have to tell you how to play. It’s really confusing.

  1. Log on
  2. Go to the Dojo
  3. Put your mouse over the chair around the right side.
  4. You sill see the Sensei popping up. Click on him.
  5. Facts:
  • Water can overcome fire.
  • Ice can freeze water.
  • Fire can melt ice.
  • If the card is tied, the higher number wins.

Ways to win:

  • Have the same type, but have all of it each in different colors.
  • The other way to win is to have everything in different colors.

Funny thing the Sensei said:

  • loldojo

How to become a Ninja:

  • You have to earn experience by winning matches
  • Fight the Sensei and try to win against him. If you do that, you become a ninja. (Only members can get ninja suit.)

Beating the Game:

  • When the opponent has 2 of the different of fire, water, or ice, try to get the highest number that can beat the one that has 2 fire, water, or ice.
  • Grab the highest number card you have.
  • Fight the Sensei and try to win against him. If you do that, you become a ninja. (Only members can get ninja suit.)
  • If you win 5 times (not in a row, but it’s possible), then you advance and receive a new belt.
  • When the opponent has 2 of the different colors and icon, let’s make an example. The opponent has 1 red fire and 1 yellow ice. There is 80% chance that he will choose water. So think of a type of card that can beat water. The answer is ice, because ice freezes the water. So choose ice. You will have a high chance of getting that one.
  • When you have 2 of the different color and icon, let’s make an example. You have 1 red ice and 1 yellow fire. The opponent will predict that you will put up water. So when the opponent gets the water card, you have to think of something that can cool. The answer is Fire. So use fire. Do that over and over again until you win.

NOTE: You do not have to get black belt in order to become a ninja.

Describing the game:

If you beat the Sensei, you can go to a room. Click here to see it.

More info coming soon.

58 Responses to "Card-Jitsu"

i am a ninja

Card-jitsu is so fun!!
I am an orange belt.

can you find cheats to get a black belt

cool nija training im ninja too


Theres a site that says that you are there but


1. he stands up during his picture shots you sit down

2. you ussually make better party widgets then that..

Tell m if that site is urs k?

I might be wrong!


How many matches per belt?

i so wanna be a ninja! but i cant even get in soo i have no belts.
how many matches do you have to win to get a belt?

what happened to all of your cheats and glitches?! i miss them!

watex you cheat to get stuff?

GAHHHH! I can’t even get into CP. Even though I select the most empty servers. The little arrow just goes round and round. >:-/

Um yeah that’s kinda what part of this site is about… that’s what makes him soooo awesome the cheats and stuff….. oh btw watex im blue belt… half way there lol! but yeah it shouldnt take much longer. um what all can u do as a ninja? i mean its not just having the ninja suit is it cuz that would be kinda boring after a while…

What can you do if you’re a ninja?
How many matches do you have to win to get a belt??

hey fever,

i got penguin storm 1.1 and i bought the ninja clothing, but i keep on seeing the loading sign (the two arrows) please reply. i really want to no y?

Watex: Many people are having this problem. Go to a five bar server.

Ninja suit only for members…?!

look its 5 matches to get one belt

Watex what do u have to do to be a ninja?

it works but a server action comes up and it wont do it not any of them

Hey Watex-
There’s this site called that claims it’s you. I don’t think it is, because it says you quit and it links to another cheat site. Is that you?

there are so many fakes, but i think this one should be abour right, but I don’t like this.

WATEX the first cheat is a hack system!!

watex dude, u have no clue how long it took me to find you. theres so many fakes saying that it’s you, using your name in the website, and saying that u got banned. plz plz respond if this is actually u! fever forever!!

there is a glitch that when i stand on the mat to play it says” room is full” i cant play 😦

Me too! I hate that stupid glitch!

Most of those codes don’t work. I tried.

[…] people in Card Jitsu are catching up!! Click here to go on my tutorial on Card Jitsu. […]

SNOWDoBBY IS BACK! clik his site on the blogrool

but i cant get a white belt!

hi the ids dont work i tried all but i had to keep selecting id break out ok
p.s.what trainers do u know plz tell me thanks

hey fever,

its jomo1998 again. i commented on comment number 13 and u replied. i tried what you told me to do, but it still didn’t work. please reply

Watex: Try going on Portuguese servers. If that doesn’t work, use Minclip’s Club Penguin.

is this the real site? There’s watexfreemembership and a whole bunch of other ones. Plus, on some it says that you quit. who’s ezno?

Watex: I’ll answer the first one first. Every site except this one is a fake. The second one is that Ezno is a person who works for one of the fake Watexes.

im a ninja!you can be invisable also whats enzos site i want to see fake stuff he made up

(this is 4 comment # 33…)
Enzo’s site is
it’s pretty pathetic lol.

dude that is a hack the cheat codes

hi watex

Hey watex how do you beat sensei????

the penguin storm doesnt work

im a blue belt and ive won more than 5 times as a blue belt but im not getting the next belt. why??? (im using competition mode)

watex wats the fast path

Where i write the code?

the penguin storm don’t work!! any other cheats that help u gett a black belt???
im not even able to get my yellow belt!!! ive won sooo many games since ive become a white belt….. =[ can u give me some cheats or advice??? plzzz

Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know Microchip123 Club Penguin, and Penguin Storm 1.1

hey i finally got a black belt, but i just cant beat the sensei. do you know how to beat him?

The Penguin Storm does not work for me. I try to type in the black belt AND the ninja clothes but it does not work.

I tried going on a 5 bar server and it STILL did not work.


How did you get those codes?
Did you decompile it?
If so, wat swf?

P.s=theres this guy called seko and he copied all of your site and looks EXACTLY like you, and says bad things about you site ‘like it being a (Bad word) fake site and all’

P.s.s= I reported him to wordpress now his site is suspended and he got banned on cp forever for say bad things about you while hacking

I reported him, his site got suspended and he got banned forever in cp for hacking

Hi , so when you said “NOTE: You do not need black belt to be ninja.” Do you mean if you defeat Sensei , you can go in ninja room and get ninja stuff?

I believe YOU are the real Watex! πŸ˜€ Oh, are you a ninja yet?
I am! πŸ˜€

I am using Penguin storm v1.0.0. I went to a five bar server and tried to get the black belt but I cant. I click on Enter ID and typed 4033 and a pop up stating You have found a Black Belt would you like to pick it up. I Clicked Yes and It loaded for a while before an error “A moderater has banned your account. Your ban will expire in %number%. I click okay and it continued to load for a long long time but nothing happened. So I clicked Patched ID Breakout and the loading ended. The item is still not in my inventory. Am I doing anything wrong?

is penguin storm a hack?

watex i can’t download penguin storm!
it just keeps opening untitled tabs
i don’t have time to play card jitsu to earn the belts that i want

so frustrating

watex wats ur email

i cant get a deck what do i do

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